Samsung might use UltraSound-Enabled S Pens for Upcoming Galaxy Note Devices

Have you heard those rumors about the fact that Samsung might use UltraSound-Enabled S Pens for its upcoming Galaxy Note devices? Sadly, things are pretty confusing at this point. Such a patent was indeed published by Samsung in South Korea and it describes the working of an S Pen using ultrasound waves, wherein the waves are supposed to be picked up by up to four sensors on either side of a phone. Is this indeed what’s expecting us?

Lower Costs and a Thinner Display Assembly

On every Samsung Galaxy Note device that we have ever received up to this point we have had the S Pen with a digitizer built into the display, but Samsung plans to change that and use Ultrasound waves for its S Pen on the upcoming Galaxy Notes.

The main reason for Samsung’s decision has to do with much lower costs and a thinner display assembly. So, as long as we won’t have a digitizer built into the display any longer, it’ll be cheaper, not to mention that the device will be much thinner or just able to pack in an even larger battery inside.

The idea doesn’t sounds at all bad, but this is not a Samsung premiere. Qualcomm showed off their own stylus that used Ultrasound waves earlier this year. Support is built into their Snapdragon 805 chipset and the idea sounds promising as well. But what Samsung handset will come with all these?

Samsung and its Next Galaxy Note Handset

We are all expecting to see the company’s next Galaxy Note – the Galaxy Note 4 model – to come equipped with a Snapdragon 805 inside and maybe even to have ultrasound waves support. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is slated to be unveiled in September at IFA in Berlin, but don’t worry.

More details are about to be revealed before IFA takes off, so don’t hesitate to check on us later!

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