Learn to Send Large Encrypted Files with Firefox Send

You’ve got plenty of cloud services for sending large files, but this doesn’t mean that Mozilla’s Firefox Send isn’t an option. Quite the opposite, I encourage you to learn how to send files via Firefox Send. This is a free, web-based service that lets you share large encrypted files in a blink of an eye.

Email services normally put limits on the attachment size. In fact, depending on the company, the attachment size needs to be under 20 MB or less.

You don’t have to worry about that any longer. Anyone can send files up to 1 GB in size, and with a Firefox account you may even send up to 2.5 GB worth of data. Not only that, but the service provides end-to-end encryption for secure file transfers. And it works in any browser.

On top of everything, using the service is incredibly easy, too. Just let me show you of what I am talking about:

Learn to Send Files with Firefox Send:

  1. At first, launch your web browser on the Android device that the files you want to send are on;
  2. Point the browser to send.firefox.com;
  3. You might get a prompt to add it to your home screen since Firefox Send is available as a web app, so you know what you have to do;
  4. Then, on the web page that opens up, just tap Select files to upload;
  5. Select the file or the files that you’d like to send;
  6. You will immediately see the options to limit the number of downloads below the list of files. Select a download limit, as well as a time limit after which the files will be destroyed;
  7. Below them, you have the checkbox for password protecting the files. If your wish is to lock the files with a password, then tap on the checkbox and enter your password in the password field that appears;
  8. You may now tap the Upload button;
  9. Once the files are uploaded, encrypted or zipped (if you have chosen more than one), you’ll be given a link. Click on the Copy link or Share link button to copy it;
  10. Send the copied link to anyone you want to share the files with.

Now, any person who has the link to your files will be able to download them easily. However, if you’ve password protected the file, they will be asked to enter the password before the files can be downloaded.

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