Affordable Firefox Phones to be Released in India this July

As some of you might remember, Mozilla has initially launched Firefox smartphones in the Latin America and Europe markets in July 2013 and you’ll be surprised to find out that it has sold more than one million units. And this number gets even more impressive if we take in consideration the fact that Mozilla has been able to cooperate with only 1-2 mobile telecom carriers in each country in the two regional markets, so just imagine how successful can be the new affordable Firefox Phones which are set to be released in India this July.

These Firefox Phones will have Retail Prices of up to no more than $50

This time, Mozilla will cooperate with more than 10 retail chains in India, so it expects to have even better sales than before. And the price seems to be working in our favor too.

With such low-cost chip solutions developed by China-based Spreadtrum Communications in cooperation with smartphone ODMs, it seems that Mozilla has succeeded to keep the production cost down to US$25 for these devices, so we are actually expecting them to carry retail prices of up to no more than US$50.

Mozilla has Bigger Plans for Firefox in the Future

And the company’s plans don’t stop here! We have discovered that Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics and VIA Technologies are both working on developing Firefox tablets, not to mention that Panasonic plans to launch Firefox smart TVs.

Mozilla plans to sell no less than 10 million Firefox smartphones over the next year, so what do you think? Is there any chance to be one of the buyers as well? We know that it is way to early to know that, but let’s be honest and admit the fact that some of you probably like the idea and others already know that they will never take it in consideration. Which of these options is yours?

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