Galaxy S5 All Metalic Version Prepared For May 2014

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Do you remember that it has been rumored that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 will come in two versions? The device was officially revealed and we know that nothing like that has happened, but we still have some unanswered questions. Those rumors has spec sheets and benchmarks backing them, so is there are possibility to see an all-metallic variant of this handset? According to recent Korean reports apparently coming from Samsung execs’ exclusive conference at the MWC 2014, this all-metallic version of Galaxy S5 that everyone is talking about is indeed expected in May, after HTC One 2 is released as well.

Mysterious Project F

From what we know at this point, the metallic version of Galaxy S5 is a part of a premium portfolio of flagships codenamed Project F. And things look more than promising. The chassis of this one is said to be with premium metallic materials, not to mention that this Samsung Galaxy S5 version is also expected to have an improved hardware. What could be better than what the standard Galaxy S5 is offering us? It is obviously that everyone has in mind just one thing, hoping that this handset will actually pack the 64-bit Exynos Infinity SoC that was initially set to debut at MWC.

All-metallic version of Galaxy S5 Expected in May

All-metallic version of Galaxy S5 Expected in May

Is this Mysterious Project F a real thing?

We might have our doubts regarding the fact that Samsung executives said anything about this metallic version, off the record or not, but what do say about a confirmation coming from the popular tipsters Eldar Murtazin and Ricciolo?

They have never been wrong before and they’ve both tweeted that this version is still in play. Ricciolo is fully convinced that Samsung is just waiting for the perfect moment for its all-metallic Galaxy S5 to be revealed, only after the announcement of the HTC One 2 flagship next month, while Eldar Murtazin already calls it the ‘Luxury’ model.

If is it luxurious indeed, then you must be wondering about its price too, but it is too early to be talking about such a thing. We only know that the current version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available at a cheaper price than Galaxy S4 at launch, but we’ll be back with more details.

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