Samsung’s Milk Music – New Free Radio Streaming Service for Galaxy Devices

Samsung has done something unusual by focusing on mobile software design, offering us a new Radio Streaming Service called Milk Music. The interesting part is that it comes with free streaming of tracks in the U.S. and it is exclusively dedicated to select Galaxy customers, the list including only Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Mini, as well as the latest Galaxy S5. The company stated that it is taking in consideration the possibility of expanding its Milk Music service to other markets and handsets as well, but for now its audience is very limited. But don’t you imagine that this is the only aspect that differentiates this new radio streaming service from its competition.

Samsung’s Milk Music is Special

If you are curious to find out what’s making this the new Free Radio Streaming Service so special, you should know from the start that Milk Music is free to listen to and has no ads. As for its content, it gives you the possibility to choose from 200 pre-made stations or you can even make your own stations based around your customized tastes, using only those artists and albums you like the best.

Samsung’s Milk Music

Samsung’s Milk Music

Milk Music also impressed us thanks to its refreshing user interface that comes with a dial control for tuning what kind of music might be playing, with instant playback starting at launch so that you can forget all about those annoying signups or logins that are generally required.

But what about its disadvantages?

Negative Aspects

Probably the biggest one is that Milk Music has no offline mode or the ability to purchase the tracks you like for offline listening, Samsung promises that this capabilities will come in the future. And although we cannot be talking about a premium version of the service, we know that the company plans to make its Milk Music popular in the current competitive streaming market, so who knows what other surprises will offer us?