Alleged Intel Chip on Board for the Nexus 8

As rumors have suggested earlier, Google Nexus 8 is set to be released on July, this year, after the Google I/O event. In the same, the event is scheduled to happen on June 25th. Now, other rumors have stated the fact that the device should be expected in late April of this year. The push back appears to coincide with the rumors that the Android device will be powered by Intel chips instead of the usual and tested Snapdragon ones from Qualcomm, the one that power the iPad mini rival.

The Intel Chip on Board for the Nexus 8 is also called the Moorefield chip, which is said to run at a top speed of around 2.33 GHz. This is quite a big thing, especially if the rumor will turn out to be true. After all, it will provide increased GPU performance due to the PowerVR G6430 graphic engine.

Nexus 8 To Feature Intel On Board Chip

Nexus 8 To Feature Intel On Board Chip

According to various other rumors, it seems that the actual on board chip will be ready for bulk shipment quite soon. This may indicate a quick release, as soon as the third quarter of 2014, which is much in line with the reported release date of the Nexus 7 tablet from Google and Asus. Again, the reported Google tablet will be released at the Google I/O event as well as the next big update for the Android operating system. If we take into consideration previous released of the big search engine, we may actually see the tablet on sale during the weeks following the well-awaited technology event.

Regarding the actually specifications and features of the incoming Nexus 8 device, we still do not know many details. The rumors did not suggest any name for the future Android version that will come with the phone. However, if Moorefield will eventually be a part of the actual Nexus device, we can assume that we might experience some pretty impressive specs and features to come along with the rather affordable hardware of the device itself.

However, with this major hardware change, it is fair to assume that Google plans to dump once and for all the Snapdragon chips form Qualcomm in favor of Intel’s Moorefield. This is a major change from what we have witnessed so far, and if everything goes as plan, I am sure that users will definitely enjoy this change.