Fire at Samsung’s Partner Factory raises Concerns about Galaxy S5 Production

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With Samsung launching its Galaxy S5 in April, there was no worse timing for a huge fire to start at one of Samsung’s partner factories which has already raised concerns about the device’s production and availability. It is obviously that this is exactly the last thing that Samsung might have needed, especially that the damage from the fire is estimated to be about no less than $1 billion in equipment and component damage.

No less than 287 firefighters, 81 vehicles, and 6 hours of Fight

According to Asia News Agency, it seems that the fire started at 7am local time on Sunday and it has spread incredibly fast as long as it took no less than 287 firefighters, 81 vehicles, and over 6 hours to extinguish it.

Fire at Samsung’s Partner Factory

Fire at Samsung’s Partner Factory

There was nothing left and the story got more serious after finding out that the factory manufacturing made circuit boards, or PCBs, for the upcoming Galaxy S5 and this is exactly why we have told you from the start about those concerns regarding device’s availability.

Samsung’s Immediate Response

We are not the only ones having questions about whether the handset would be or not delayed, so the Korean company had come with an immediate response. As Samsung declared, the factory was not the only one that made these circuit boards, so it’s trying to minimize the damages as much as possible, also promising that it should not affect availability of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 handset.

The US launch of this Galaxy S5 is still slated for the same day (April 11), as our source confirms, so let’s have patience and see if the company will keep its promises. We’ll keep you updated on that.

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