Root Any LG Device using One-Click-Root Exploit (for LG G3, G2, F60 and more)

Those of xda-developers managed to bring a new one click root exploit that’s now compatible with almost any LG branded smartphone or tablet. The new root solution has been optimized and customized for the Lollipop and KitKat platforms and it has been tested for devices like LG G3 (all variants), LG G2, LG F60 or LG Tribute. Bottom line, it is a one-click-root exploit compatible with both high end and low end LG devices, thus you have all the reasons to try this software by yourself.

Using and applying this root exploit is easy, safe and almost intuitive. Therefore, this root process can be applied even by newbies who are on their first unlock experience. If you are an experienced Android user, then you can skip these lines and you can head towards the proper steps from below. If not, I recommend you to read all the guidelines from this tutorial for learning everything that’s related to the root operation, to the risks implied by this process and also to the advantages that comes along with an unlocked LG smartphone or tablet.

First of all, you need to know that the root process is not official so it can’t be related or associated with LG or with Google. All the root exploits are developed and released by third party devs – the goal is to obtain an unlocked device, so the factory and default restrictions will be removed from your phone. Bottom line, in the end, you will be able to access and modify the Android system that runs on your LG smartphone or tablet.

The result? Well, the result depends on what you want to do afterwards; basically, your options are unlimited as now you can do everything you want: install custom ROMs (such as CyanogenMod, AOKP or Paranoid Android), flash CWM, TWRP recovery or any other similar platform, you can overclock your Android device, remove bloatware and lot more. So, in the end you can personalize, optimize and customize your LG device by your own taste.

These are mostly all the advantages that comes along with a rooted phone. On the other hand, the risks are implying a bricked Android device – the warranty will get void while you are performing this one click root solution and since you are dealing with a custom operation, your phone might also get bricked. Don’t worry as even if you brick your device, you can afterword resolve all the issues by using dedicated troubleshoot solutions (these processes are complex so that’s why these operations are recommended only for advanced and experienced Android users).

Another risk is referring to your personal data, info and accounts. Even if it is unlikely, a wipe might be applied during the root process, or your data might just get corrupted. Because of that, you should first save everything that you might use afterwards – you can use backup apps from Google Play, cloud storage platforms, a computer or any other backup solution.

The one click root exploit is in fact a dedicated program that can be initiated from a computer. The software also offers an intuitive unlock solution for your LG device. Thus, for this tutorial you will need a computer, your LG branded smartphone or tablet and the USB cable as a connection will have to be established between your devices. Other than that, temporarily turn off antivirus protection from your computer and enable USB debugging on your Android device.

Don’t forget to charge your handset before starting the lines from below and remember that this root exploit is currently available and compatible only with LG devices.

How to Root Any LG Device using One-Click-Root Exploit (for LG G3, G2, F60 and more)

  1. On your computer download and unzip the one click root exploit (you can get the file from here).
  2. Also, on your PC ensure to install the LG USB drivers.
  3. Then, connect your smartphone with your computer via USB cable.
  4. Run the root exploit (the .bat executable file) on your PC.
  5. Follow on screen prompts and one click root your LG device.
  6. When done, unplug the USB cable and reboot your smartphone / tablet.

Good job; you now know how to easily and safely root your LG 3, G2 or any other LG smartphone or tablet. Do share your experience with us through the comments field from below.

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2 Responses

  1. Yevy says:

    Wow, so I tried to do everything. Literally everything with my LG G2 VS980. I tried IORoot, King Root, Towel Root, and Stump Root, and this finally worked for me. I can’t believe it. Kudos to the devs!

  2. Dax Hax says:

    Currently does not work on LG V10 AT&T Variant. neither does script version 1.3

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