Install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat

If you happen to be the owner of a rooted device and you haven’t install Xposed Framework up to this point, you don’t even know what you might be missing. Well, there is no mystery that Xposed gives you the opportunity to customize your phone the way you want and get amazing features you never had before.

Despite of the fact that Xposed Framework is officially available for Android Lolipop and Marshmallow, we cannot say the same thing about Nougat, at least not yet. Google is already close to releasing Android O in probably a couple of months but the developer of Xposed is yet to release a working build of the framework for Android Nougat.

In a post about a week ago, Xposed developer Rovo89 provided an update on the development, being clear about the fact that there was still a lot of work to be done. Anyway, a temporary solution is now available thanks to developer abforce. He had been working on an ART module that would allow Xposed to work on Android Nougat, but it had to be implemented while compiling the ROM.

This means that you need a custom ROM that came with Xposed pre-built. We were basically used to see Xposed Framework providing a way for users to enjoy custom ROM level of customization on a stock ROM. However, with this temporary solution though, Xposed would just complement a custom ROM instead. I know that it wasn’t an ideal condition, but it was still better than nothing.


  • Before you proceed, make a backup of all the necessary files and data. You should also back up your ROM using TWRP recovery just in case it stuck in the boot loop;
  • A rooted Android Nougat based ROM;
  • A custom recovery installed.

Install Xposed Framework on Android Nougat:

  1. First of all, you must find your CUP’s Architecture as long as Xposed Framework Installer comes in different installer files for different CPU Architecture. Download this Droid Hardware Info app from play store;
  2. Open it and go to system tab;
  3. You must look for CPU Architecture. Here you should find the CPU Architecture for your phone ARM or ARM64 or x86:
    ARM – Xposed-SDK25-Nougat-ARM-by-PurifyOS.zipUninstaller
    ARM64 – Xposed-SDK25-Nougat-ARM64-by-PurifyOS.zipUninstaller
    x86 – Xposed-SDK25-Nougat-X86-by-PurifyOS.zipUninstaller
  4. Also take XposedInstaller_by_dvdandroid_29_04_17.apk ;
  5. Take the appropriate flashable Xposed zip for your device and transfer it to your device;
  6. Then, enter your device into recovery mode;
  7. Go to Install and choose your zip file;
  8. Swipe to flash it;
  9. Once it’s done, you need to reboot your phone;
  10. After you reboot it, you need to install the Xposed Installer apk.

That was all! Now you can install modules and start using Xposed on your phone.

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