Samsung`s Activity Tracker Launched in Germany at €80

The second generation of the S Band was leaked some time ago, but now the Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung took the device in Germany for an event, without further comments or press releases about it. The fresh new device will no longer be called S Band, the wearable receiving the name of Activity Tracker. The Activity Tracker can be yours at the price of 80 euros in Germany, competing with others like Nike FuelBand, Fitbit or Jawbone UP. More than that, the device is also available for any pre-orders over the Amazon in Germany, with no further details on the device being displayed on other markets.

The Activity Tracker has a wide choice of functionalities like detection of the distance that you travel, consumption of your calories, sleep monitoring, pairing notification when your device receives a phone call or a message.

Samsung`s Activity Tracker Launched in Germany at €80

Samsung`s Activity Tracker Launched in Germany at €80

The Samsung`s Activity Tracker can be paired with a device via a Bluetooth 4.0 LE, managing the same app that the Gear Fit is also using. The device can be attached to whatever you are wearing, being able to remove it with the help of an old fashioned clip.

The Activity Tracker comes with a choice of colors for the LED notifications, being charged via a microUSB port, providing with a battery life or around five days. But in order to be able to charge the device, you have to remove its strap.

The Activity Tracker seems to be the best choice when looking for a “fitness-tracking wearable”, becoming the little sibling of the Gear 2 or the Gear Fit, and for just 80 euros, you can pair it with your Galaxy device and start having fun.

For those who don’t know or forgot about what the S Band is, the device is a fitness tracker originally developed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 last year that can act as a sensor, being able to send all the tracking details right on your paired smartphone that has the Activity Tracker app installed.

What do you think guys? Would you pay 80 euros to have it on your track, or would you stick to Gear Fit?!? After all, it is still a Samsung device!

There is also a video that we have provided for you with some explanations about the Samsung`s Activity Tracker in German! Enjoy! Cheers and don’t forget to write!