Samsung Russia Teases New Device to be Unveiled Tomorrow

Samsung Russia is teasing a new device on Twitter – a “device on a new level”, as you can see by yourself in the image below. It is true that the quote makes us think that the Korean based manufacturer has prepared us a completely new handset which is ready for an official announcement tomorrow, on March 19, but what exactly should we be excepting to receive? Unfortunately, the image only shows us a small a portion of the device’s back painted in a bright color, so our imagination can run wild.

Potential Scenarios for Tomorrow

Moreover, we can also notice five color dots above the date, one of which matches the color of the back. We can only guess that these are the color options for Samsung’s upcoming device, but we are sure that many of you want to know much more than that. We are seeing turquoise, pink, white, brown and black dots, so could it be a new handset specially made for ladies?

Samsung Russia Teases New Device to be Unveiled Tomorrow

Samsung Russia Teases New Device to be Unveiled Tomorrow

Or maybe is going to be Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Zoom in a brighter color set that anyone could have anticipated? Rumor has it that it is the premium Galaxy F, but we all know that Samsung has already denied its existence, so we tend to believe that this isn’t the answer that we are looking for.

Could it be just a Regional Launch?

Let’s use the information that we have in our advantage. What do you understand from Samsung’s decision of teasing this device only on Samsung Russia’s account? Our guess is that we are only talking about a regional launch, so it is more than likely to be a Samsung device that’s already available elsewhere, but not in these color options.

We’ll find out tomorrow the truth behind this teaser, so just have a little more patience and check on us later.