Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Confirmed in Taiwan

Samsung has already launched its Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear Fit in Taiwan, but what about Galaxy S5? We know for sure that the device will reach the Taiwanese land as well and we can finally tell you what are the prices that we are all supposed to expect at, especially now that the giant manufacturer has just confirmed them. Just as DigiTimes has mentioned before, the 16GB Galaxy S5 version will sell for no more than NT$22,900, while the other 32GB Galaxy S5 model will have a higher price of NT$23,900.

Remembering Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Price

These prices translate to $750 and $780 and we might say that the story doesn’t sound at all bad given the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was priced at NT$21,900. So yes, there is a difference, but not one that it wouldn’t be highly motivated by the new included specs and features (here we have more details for those of you who want to remember the story).

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Price upcoming presence in Taiwan

Returning to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Price upcoming presence in Taiwan, we can tell you for sure that the 16 GB Galaxy S5 will be available in blue, black, as well as white, while the 32 GB version will also come in black and white, but we’ll receive the gold version instead of the blue one. And don’t forget that Galaxy S5 model sold in Taiwan gets the power from a Snapdragon 801 CPU, also being compatible with 4G networks in the country.

So, this means only one thing: all users on Taiwan Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom, Asia Pacific Telecom FarEasTone, as well as Vibo Telecom will be able to access their carrier’s 4G network on this Galaxy S5. Would you want to be one of them too? Then, just have a little more patience until the smartphone becomes available on April 11.