Two-for-one Verizon HTC One M8 Offer

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Are you planning to buy the new HTC One M8 handset with a new two-year agreement? Then we have only one suggestion for you: don’t hesitate to check out Verizon’s current offer, as the carrier has prepared us an interesting surprise. As you can see from our title, we are talking about a two-for-one Verizon HTC One M8 offer which practically means that Verizon allows you get two new HTC One models for the price of one as long as each device is tied to its own two-year contract.

To be more specific, you have to pay no more than $200 and you’ll get two HTC One M8 handsets, but only if you agree to sign two contracts instead of one. This idea doesn’t sound bad at all, but it’s only your decision to take as long as this promotion is more about enjoying $200 off than buying two devices for the same price. Anyway, this isn’t the only HTC One M8 surprise prepared by Verizon!

Verizon Coupons for HTC One M8

Do you know that this deal can be easily combined with one of two available Verizon? The “VERIZON30” coupon gives us no less than 30% off the price of the handset (so, we are talking about $139.99 on contract, while the “VZWDEAL” coupon changes HTC’s One M8 price to $149.99, but still with the new contracts included).

Finally, there’s a separate promotion which can give you $100 bill credit when activating a new service, but this one applies to other Verizon phones as well and not to HTC’s One M8 only.

Verizon – HTC One M8 can be found in stores and online

As you all know, Verizon is currently the only carrier in the U.S. that has this new HTC One M8 in both its stores and online, while AT&T and Sprint are simply selling the handset online. As for T-Mobile, the carrier will also offer us its HTC One M8 on April 11th, on the same day that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 sales start too.

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