Samsung Galaxy S5 Available at WElectronics and Amazon Ahead of Schedule

We all know that SK Telecom has launched the new Galaxy S5 on March 27 in South Korea, way ahead of its official April 11 schedule, but we didn’t expect to find out that the story is the same in US as well. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 flagship is available both at WElectronics (for a price of no less than $900) and Amazon (here is listed for only $820). We can only imagine that they have managed to buy the contract-free Galaxy S5 units from South Korea and bring them in the US, hoping to satisfy those impatient buyers who want more than simply pre-ordering the device.

Overpriced Imported Units

So, are you prepared to enjoy its 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display and quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor paired with 2 GB of RAM? We bet that many of you who afford buying the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset are thinking that there is no reason to wait anymore, but we still think that it is better to face the challenge of a few more days and be careful with these overpriced imported units.

Be sure that the same specs and features are going to wait for you to discover them after April 11 as well. As a reminder, here we can also mention that Galaxy S5 will come with 16 MP primary camera with 4K video recording support is something that you’ll love using, not to mention that its fingerprint is ideal when it comes to safe mobile payment.

The rear-mounted heart rate monitor placed right below the camera makes this Galaxy S5 even more interesting and yes, it features Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box customized with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz UI interface.

You can even root Samsung’s Galaxy S5

And it seems that no one really likes to respect official schedules; for example, the Android developer Chainfire has successfully managed to root Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and release his signature CF-Auto-Root root solution for all those who don’t like waiting. Here we have more details for all those who are interested on this procedure, but be careful; it’s not an official one, so are you ready to take such a risk with your new Galaxy S5?