Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Release Date and Specs Rumored Again

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini could be the novelty of 2013. Why am I saying that? Well first of all, all the Android users are waiting for a budget friendly Galaxy S4, though if we are to look back, the Galaxy S3 Mini was kind of a disappointment due to its mid-range (and not similar with the S3 performances) specs and features.

Anyway, the S4 Mini is and will be an interesting Jelly Bean powered smartphone because its design will be identical with the S4 one, though a 4.3 inch display will be equipped instead of the large 5 inch one.

Now, according to the people from “inside” (and to the Wall Street Journal) it appears that the Galaxy S4 Mini release date will be held during a new event called “Premiere 2013” (the event will take place in June), where Samsung is rumored to confirm some new Android and Windows phone based devices.

Anyway, the new SGS4 Mini phone will still be a “miniature phone”, as well as the previous S3 Mini. You will notice that the display has been dropped down from the big 5 inches featured on the classic S4 to a redesigned 4.3 inches touchscreen that comes with a different resolution (which by the way is quite low – 960×540) on the S4 Mini.

Furthermore, the handset will be powered by a dual core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz. And that’s not all, as according to the leaked rumors, the rest of the specs list (we can mention here the 5, or possible 8 MP rear facing camera) is just unveiling a mid-range device that will look like the high end S4.

Apparently, and as already stated, Samsung is planning to announce the S4 Mini during its new event, which will take place next month, so then we will know more about the phone’s future availability on the market and of course about its official release date. Also, it will be interesting to see if the SGS4 Mini price tag is really that budget friendly as expected, or if Samsung will decide to provide a mid-range Jelly Bean device that comes with a spicy price.

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