No Download Booster for Galaxy S5 under AT&T

The Samsung Galaxy S5 high-end device has limited range of features when sold under the famous carrier AT&T, unlike its previous flagships that came with some pretty good collections of features to choose from. We are talking about the Download Booster feature that needs a Wi-Fi or LTE connection working at the same time in order to download files faster and easier. Unfortunately, it is not the case of the Galaxy S5 under the AT&T, which pretty much upsets all those customers that wanted the device with the feature in the pre-order period.

The reason of not having a Download Booster on Galaxy S5 under the AT&T carrier is perhaps the Korean smartphone maker is trying to be oriented towards better features that have greater functionalities. It is not that this particular feature wouldn’t be necessarily useless, but maybe the company is trying to develop other similarities that would eventually perform better.

More than that, a report from the Android Police states that the Download Booster was not present on the demos that the AT&T has launched when promoting the Galaxy S5, nor in the hands of the consumers that have already bought the high-end device.

So, why not have it on the device? Was it because they wanted to remove it to make room for an updated Download Booster or just because they considered it wasn’t just good enough for them? Time will tell! We will surely keep you posted on that!

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