Install HTC One M9 Keyboard on any Android Device

HTC’s Sense UI is known as being one of the best manufacturer-skinned versions of Android (we actually think of it as being the best). This is happening especially due to the subtle styling of the interface, as well as due to those unique features that are added just exactly where is the case. The best part is that developers have once again managed to extract all HTC One M9 stock apps into flashable ZIP files which can be installed on any Android device, so why not taking advantage of that?

You can find various ZIP files, so you can enjoy HTC’s One M9 Sense 7 BlinkFeed Home Launcher, Widgets, Gallery Keyboard and several other utility features. If you would like to enjoy the HTC One M9 Sense 7 keyboard app, don’t hesitate to grab the apk files from this guide and install them on your handset as soon as possible.

The keyboard app is ported directly from HTC and we are sure that you’ll love using it! It’s a nice keyboard which makes typing very easy. It also known for the bigger letters with bigger gaps between them, so there is no chance to type any other letter accidentally and mess up the sentences. We don’t want to tell you more about the HTC One M8 Keyboard and what possibilities that it offers to its users, but we only invite you to download the apk file and install the HTC One M9 sense 7 keyboard app on your own Android device.

Also keep in mind that you should follow the instructions at your own risk. If the device that you won gets damaged in one way or another, the developer and our site cannot be held responsible for that. And don’t forget to allow “Unknown Sources” under Settings > Security and don’t worry, no root is requires in this case (not as it rooting would be bad).

How to Install One M9 Keyboard on any Android Handset:

  1. For the start, you have to take the One M9 Keyboard zip files with the help of this links:
    HTC_IME-signed.apk from here;
    IME_TP_Basic.apk from here;
    IME_TP_ValueAdd.apk from here; from here;
  2. Place them on your phone internal memory;
  3. After that, simply extract the zip file;
  4. Install the apk files as you usually do;
  5. Go to the extracted folder of the zip file and copy all the content.
  6. Paste it into data/app/;
  7. Set the correct permissions;
  8. After all these, you must simply reboot the handset!

Have you been successful? According to the developer who ported this app and to those who are already using it, the HTC One M9 keyboard app is tested and it works perfect on both stock ROMs and Custom ROMs based on Stock such as AOSP and CyanogenMod. The developer says also it should work on every other ROM, so we are curious to find out how things are for you.

After installation, do let us know your opinion via comments. Also mention your device on which you have just installed the One M9 Keyboard.

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