T-Mobile`s Simple Starter with Unlimited Calls, Texts and 500MB of Data for just $40 per Month

Post-paid customers at T-Mobile now have the chance to opt for an entry-level option called Simple Starter, that allow them to have unlimited talks and texts, and use the 500MB of LTE data for a cheap $40 per month. You may think that 500MB is not what you are looking for, but do mind that everywhere you go, you can access a free Wi-Fi network, whether you are at the Mall with your kids, or at home, using a connection otherwise not your own.

Apart from that, if you thing better, a $40 fee per month is not the end of the world if you think that you can talk your way out and sent unlimited texts to the moon and back to earth. Also, don’t forget to compare T-Mobile with other carriers that offer the same monthly plan but with limited options.

More than that, the T-Mobile Corporation has also announced that once you finish the 500MB of data, you are not limited with your speed data, as “you can add day passes or switch to another plan,” in case you need more.

As for the availability of the Simple Starter plan, this is due to start on April 12. In case you are not a T-Mobile fan, just mind that once you`re on this boat, you get the chance to qualify for an ETF buyout program.

Don’t think, act fast! Get the Simple Starter now and talk your way out! Don’t mind the limited 500MB data! You will get the chance to add on some days for a cheap deal!

In case you are one of those gotten into the hands of T-Mobile, offer a word of advice for those unbelievers! Perhaps you might get the chance to add on some friends on your list! As for myself, if I were in the US, I would definitely choose this Simple Starter plan! Cheers!