How to Download and Install Official Lineage OS ROM on HTC 10

The latest builds of the Lineage OS are based on Android Nougat 7.1.1 and the development gains its usual pace and works better than ever. More LineageOS versions will be released every week by default for more and more devices. The Lineage OS 14.1 was available for a while for your HTC 10 as well, but in an unofficial form up to this point.

People complained that it might take ages for an official ROM to be released – I’ve heard them too – and yet, I see quite the opposite. The Official HTC 10 Lineage OS ROM is available to download now and this is great for you: this is an official build, so it will ensure regular updates and stable patches.

This official Lineage OS build is quite stable, but remember that it is still in the early stage. So, there could be some bugs/issues with this ROM which you can report to the community for quick fixes, and yet, be sure that nothing major is in the list.


  • Flashing the new ROM on your HTC 10 is not too hard, but some might find it a complex procedure because of locked bootloader. If you want to enjoy custom ROMs in your HTC smartphone, then you must unlock bootloader first;
  • After unlocking the bootloader, you need to flash a custom recovery in your HTC 10 device. The TWRP recovery lets you do a number of cool stuff and this includes the ability to flash unsigned .zip files. These .zip files could be anything from a custom kernel, boot, recovery, MODs or full custom ROMs, so it’s necessary this time too;
  • Before you proceed, don’t forget to take a backup of your data. This process will wipe all the data from your device except for the internal storage;
  • A computer should be within reach with internet, as well as the original USB cable;
  • You must have the device’s drivers installed on your PC so as to transfer the ROM and Google apps to your device’s storage;
  • Enable USB debugging. To do this, find your way into Settings->Developer options;
  • You also need at least 70% charge on your phone.

Remember that flashing custom ROM may void your warranty. I am not responsible for any kind of damage.

How to Download and Install Lineage OS ROM on HTC 10:

  1. Download Lineage ROM from this direct link;
  2. Also take the Gapps package from here;
  3. Transfer the Lineage os ROM and Gapps for linage os you wish to flash to your device’s storage;
  4. Boot your HTC 10 smartphone into Recovery mode via pressing and holding volume down + power button;
  5. Select Wipe from TWRP main menu and do a Swipe to Factory Reset on the bottom of screen;
  6. This will factory reset your device. If your custom ROM doesn’t require a factory reset, then you can skip this step;
  7. Now tap on Install;
  8. Choose file that you have stored on your HTC 10;
  9. The installation will start right away;
  10. Now you will get a Notification of successful flashing;
  11. Once your ROM is successfully flashed, do the same for the Gapps package;
  12. The System will ask for reboot, so tap on Reboot with no hesitation.

All set and done. Now that LineageOS has been installed on your smartphone, so install your favorite apps and see how well (or not) Lineage OS performs. Let us know in the comments if you have any problems regarding this topic at all. We’ll be glad to help!

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