Samsung is working on a new Android Watch and Tizen Phones

After months of rumors and speculations, Samsung has revealed that it is working on at least two Tizen phones and an Android based smartwatch. When will we see any of these new Samsung devices? Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team has officially declared that the Korean company plans to release a top-end Tizen phone alongside a more affordable version around June, making it clear that the Android smartwatch will be released later this year as well. Moreover, he made a few comments regarding on what we should all expect receiving and this is exactly what we have prepared for you:

Samsung’s Upcoming Tizen Phones

Samsung’s attempts to release a popular Tizen phone in the past have failed, we all know that. The company had tried to launch a Tizen device with carriers DoCoMo and Orange, but “couldn’t because of poor market conditions”, as Yoon said. This time, the company will have a different strategy and will try again to make this Tizen idea successful in “a few countries where we can do well”.

So, we are probably going to see these new Tizen phones only in developing markets, while Android will remain their ” main business”, with Tizen or Windows used for those special markets where Android is not so great seen at this point. Tizen is expected to account for “up to 15 percent of Samsung’s total smartphone shipments to become a successful platform,” as the Korean company is planning, but we still think that it is too early for such a prediction.

And as we have told you, a first high-end Tizen model will be followed by a mid-range device, but we cannot give you any price at this point.

Samsung’s new Android Watch

There is no reason to deny that Samsung’s watches have been confusing. We have seen a Galaxy Gear with a modified Android OS, then the company has decided to offer its Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo with Tizen OS, as well as Gear Fit with its own custom software and now, Samsung’s upcoming watch will be coming with Android.

This makes sense if we are thinking of the current in a market dominated by iOS and Android, but it is still a strange situation that we weren’t expecting at.

Anyway, this Android Wear watch will be only released “later this year”, so everything could change in a second. We’ll just keep an eye on things and let you know about that.