Rovio Stars Tiny Thief Trailer Unveiled

Starting 11th July, the new trailer of the game called Tiny Thief is available for Android users. If you wonder what kind of game is this, let me come and bring you some clarification. The game is presented as a “ puzzle-solving, hidden objects adventure” which creates dependence. It is described as a point-and-click style game in a medieval fantasy world. Till the game will be officially revealed we must wait patient. The game play is a bit presented and helps you figure out what is this about and how it is played, but still stays the will of seeing more.
Our source mention that the game Tiny Thief is to be released under the Stars program, being the second game in Stars program but the first one which will be available for Android users. The game was developed by 5Ants and it’s now available and ready to be tested and commented by Android users. Games are always a pleasant way to spend time doing nothing and it’s even better when you can do it on your phone, anywhere you are. It is even better to have some games which capture your full attention, if you think a bit of that moments when you stay in a hall waiting for something…that times games are a real bless.

Tiny Thief Trailer

Tiny Thief Trailer

The release date of Tiny Thief, 11th July is already known by us and we haven’t any reason to wait. We should try this game as soon as possible and let our mind run in the medieval fantasy world. The experience which play store let us take part to is always loved by all of us. Easy to access and receive what you want in a blink of eye, in this case the tiny thief game for some playing.

Below you can enjoy the latest trailer from Rovio:


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