A Challenging Game to Play: Vainglory

Various games are everywhere in the Play Store. And by everywhere I literally mean that you can find them at every corner. Sometimes you come across games that are addicting, others are just fun to play in your free time and there is also that category of games that are nothing more than a waste of your time. It’s always better to inform yourself in order to avoid such disappointments and today I want to tell you more about a special game that has nothing to do with this last category.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games have been present the PC gaming world recent years, but if you want something similar for your Android mobile device, Vainglory could be exactly what you are looking for.

This game is the complete package, featuring all the MOBA action fans of the genre have come to expect — jump into a quick match with random teammates and opponents, create your own party of friends, or practice your strategies against bots.

Vainglory has over 25 unique heroes to unlock, upgrade and take into battle and you can choose between casual and Ranked game modes. The touch controls are smooth and easy to pick up, so you will have the chance to jump right into the heat of the battle in no time and if you never done anything similar before and you are new to the MOBA genre, be sure that the game has something for you as well!

After introducing you to the gameplay fundamentals on the first launch, don’t you even think of jumping straight into the action. What is interesting is that Vainglory also features the Academy, an extensive tutorial section that will show you all that you must know in order to engage your skills in the game.

And besides all these, there are also numerous live events to participate in, and a surprisingly growing online community on Twitch, Jump in, as well as Twitter and Reedit, so there isn’t a thing to complain about.

The game is fun to play and it is free to play as well which should be a major plus. However, about the free to play part, you can enjoy it without having to pay for anything, but there are also optional in-app purchases available. You should take them in consideration too.

With all these combined, this is a fun and challenging game to play. Overall, you can’t go wrong with downloading Vainglory, so use this link to grab it.

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