HTC Giveaway: Limited Edition of HTC One in 24 carat GOLD

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Are you looking for a gold plated smartphone that could set you apart from the crowd? Good for you! We have previously talked about some luxury versions of devices coming from different manufacturers and we have been surprised to see them covered by 18k gold frames, studded with sapphire crystals and so on, not to mention their high-quality specs, but don’t you imagine that performance comes cheap.

Not at all! In these conditions, we have another suggestion for you and we think that that the most recent giveaway organized by HTC over its Twitter account is something that might interest you as it includes a gold handset like the one that you are dreaming of.

HTC One SIM free “24ct REAL Gold”

The UK branch of the company gives you the chance to win a special limited edition of its One handset, this time being made of 24 carat gold. The company has taken such a decision in order to celebrate the winning of “Best Phone of 2013”, making it clear that it is giving away a SIM free “24ct REAL Gold” device.

We cannot tell you why HTC has chosen its former flagship and not the most recent One (M8), but we are sure that the idea of Real Gold is more than enough to capture the public’s attention.

But for those of you who are eager to find out more details about this HTC One handset, we can only tell you that this is all what the company has revealed about it so far, only offering us more details about the participation.

Terms and conditions of the HTC One 24 carat GOLD promotion

So, if you want to participate, all you have to do is to read HTC UK’s complete terms and conditions of the promotion and follow @HTC_UK. You will then get your name included in the random draw and get a chance to win the HTC One 24 carat GOLD version. Yes, there will be just one winner drawn at random from all entries received during the Prize Draw Period.

Be careful; the “Prize Draw” has started at 00:01BST on 21 June, but it will end at 23:59BST on 29 June , so you have plenty of time to register. And don’t forget that the happy winner of this special HTC One 24 carat GOLD version will be notified within 7 days and must respond in no more than 5 days to claim the prize.

In case of not doing so, he will be disqualified and a new winner will be announced. In a maximum of 6 weeks he will receive the HTC One handset, so good luck! This might be your chance to enjoy the smartphone that you are dreaming of!

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