LG G3 Prime Certified by Bluetooth

There is no doubt that LG G3 is one of the best smartphones of the moment, but don’t you imagine that the company is resting, considering that things will never change. Competition is stronger than expected and probably this is exactly what has motivated LG to work on a new LG G3 Prime mysterious device that has just been certified by Bluetooth.

New LG smartphone – model number “LG-F460S“

So, Bluetooth SIG’s database has just received a new LG smartphone member featuring the model number “LG-F460S“. Rumor has it that it is none other than LG G3 Prime, although there is no guarantee that the company won’t finally choose another name for its handset.

Is LG G3 Prime a version of the previously leaked LG F460L handset?

So, what about the new LG F460L handset that has been leaked before? There are a few chances to discover that this is the very same handset as the F460S, but heading to a different Korean carrier. As you know, “L” generally stands for the smartphones sold on LG U+ and “S” for SK Telecom, so everything makes perfect sense.

In any case, this upgraded LG G3 version will get its power from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset, an option which is much better than the Snapdragon 801 currently found on the original version.

Some are worried that So LG G3 Prime will only be released in South Korea, at least at first and we think that this possibility is not at all that far from the truth. That would be similar to what happened with the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A model which houses a Snapdragon 805 SoC and it has only reached to Korea up to now.

Would you be interested on such a new LG G3 Prime version? We’ll soon return with more details, so stay tuned.