Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 Already Available in the Netherlands

In case of trying to remember the official announcement of this Alcatel One Touch Pop C2, we can save you from all this trouble and tell you from the start that the device has never been officially revealed. Despite of that, as you can see, Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 is already available in the Netherlands for a price of no more than for just €79 with no contract included.

Are you excited about this price? Well, we know that there are not so many handsets that have such a good price, but we are sure that although we might be looking for something affordable, you are also interested, at least a bit about what it has to offer. We don’t want you to regret the decision of buying this Alcatel One Touch Pop C2, so it is much better to know from the start what the included specifications are.

Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 is a Modest Handset

So, this new Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 has a 4-inch touchscreen with a resolution of no more than 480×800 pixels, getting its power from an yet unknown 1.3 GHz dual-core processor coupled with no more than 512MB of RAM.

Its 3 MP rear camera is still surrounded in mystery so we can only hope that it has a few decent image editing tools to us; as for the fact that Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 has no more than 4GB of internal storage, we don’t think that this number will be a problem as long as it ca easily be expanded through the use of microSD cards, so you’ll have plenty of space you’re your files, music, photos and so on.

But sadly, regarding its software, this Alcatel device only runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, a version of Google’s mobile operating system that is actually more than 18 months old and we have no clue about any update prepared for the near future. So, if you are dreaming of KitKat, Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 might not be the most inspired idea.

And we still don’t know when or at least of Alcatel plans on releasing this handset elsewhere, but be sure that we’ll keep you updated.