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Diving into Android Oreo Individual Notifications

I know that Android’s notification system is useful for letting you know when something happens, but what if you don’t want to deal with a particular notification right now? Diving into Android O Individual Notifications will show you that there...


Snooze Individual Notifications on OnePlus 5T

When OnePlus announced the 5T, many people were disappointed about the fact that it wasn’t shipping with Android Oreo. To solve this issue, OnePlus quickly introduced an open beta for the handset and that is how OnePlus 5T is also...


Solve Delayed Notifications on Galaxy S8

Samsung might have closed the book on the Galaxy S8 red tint issue, yet new problems are emerging. While Samsung and its carrier partners are rolling out bug fix updates to address some of these problems, they won’t address them...


Disable Game Launcher notifications on Galaxy S8

The updated Game Launcher in the Galaxy S8 promises relaxation and fun, temporarily turning your phone into a handheld gaming console by disabling (most) mobile app notifications and smartphone controls. Game Launcher also lets you fine-tune the device’s hardware performance,...