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Sesame Edge is a Great App Switcher

Android is the ideal choice for multitasking. The recent apps menu is a great way of flying between different apps on a moment’s notice. The more RAM your device has, the best, not to mention the fact that Android tablets...

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MSQRD is an incredibly Fun App

Snapchat bought Looksery to supercharge its animated selfie filters this year and things are no different for Facebook. I am saying that as long as this has made an image filtering acquisition of its own to keep up with the...

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Download and Install the Mutifier App

Being a part of a group chat is fun (if not even necessary these days), but the messages that keep on coming when working are far from what you dream of. If you are tired of having your phone randomly...

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Learn to Secretly Read WhatsApp Messages

Sometimes you might want to read a WhatsApp message without having to immediately reply. You can learn how to stop WhatsApp’s two blue ticks and avoid upsetting those around you as you can Secretly Read WhatsApp Messages. So, one day,...