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Use two WhatsApp accounts on your Android Device

Dual-sim Android smartphones are nothing rare these days. The truth is that most new Android smartphones house dual-SIM capabilities, but a pretty common complain that dual-SIM smartphone owners have is the lack of chance to use two different WhatsApp accounts...


Clean Up the Galaxy Note 8 App Tray

As part of Samsung’s carefully planned strategy, the Galaxy Note 8.0 looks like a winner. The focus was on loyal users who weren’t so much disappointed in the company for the exploding batteries and the latest Galaxy Note 8 is...


Learn to Update Galaxy Note 8 Apps

After Samsung’s disaster with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a lot of Android phone buyers will choose to replace the Note 7 with another device. This could be its successor as long as it’s a fresh start from a company...


Send High Quality Bulk Photos on WhatsApp

You know that all instant messaging platform like WhatsApp or Line compress photos and videos by compressing the photos. Although you enjoy the major benefit of quickly sending the file over to your friends, you should also know that it...