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How to Use Mobiledit for Android

Are you looking for a desktop app which can help you manage your phone through your computer? Mobiledit might be the perfect choice for you. This is a popular PC suite software which offers many things that I bet that...


How to use Tata Sky Mobile on Android

These days, you have the chance to watch your favorite TV show smartphone during journey in a bus or train with the help of ll those amazing live TV apps – and for this we only need internet connection. With...


Learn to Update Sideloaded Android Apps

We have all accepted the fact that some amazing Android apps might not be hosted on the Google Play Store, and that means you have to sideload them if you want to get their awesome functionality on your smartphone as...


Play Microsoft Solitaire on Android

We all know that Solitaire was a core component of Windows for many years. It was included with every version of the operating system from Windows 3.0 to Windows 7, and millions of people played the game in that time....