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Flash Lineage 14.1 on Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The ability to install a custom ROM on your Android device has been a key benefit for enthusiasts all over the world and for developers since ages. The selection of ROMs has changed over the years, but CyanogenMod was a...


How to Unlock Bootloader of your Oppo F1

Oppo F1 is a very popular midranger device and I am sure that owning it seems like a great choice for the moment. However, as an Android user, I can only imagine that you have a positive attitude towards everything...


How to Flash Lineage OS ROM 14.1 on Redmi 2

CyanogenMod, the popular open source mobile operating system based on Android, is dead and yet, that’s not the end of it. CyanogenMod announced the new Lineage OS and further development from here will happen on the CyanogenMod code, but in...