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Why Should I Use CyanogenMod?

Are you tired of the usual OEM versions of Android? And the story is the same one for the latest OEM Android updates which comes with bloatware and make your device clunky? You probably know that there is a solution...


Galaxy J To Be Released in Taiwan during December

Being the center of the online gossip, Samsung’s Galaxy J was first unveiled in October 2013. The device comes with Google’s Android 4.3 Jelly Beam out-of-the-box operating system. This Galaxy S4 variant was released at first only for Japanese fans,...


LG G Flex To Embrace Asian Markets Soon

LG recently announced that its curved flagship, the LG G Flex, will be released into several key markets in Asia, and soon, it will be made available globally. The handset was released in Korea a few months ago, and it...