Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Feature a Fingerprint Scanner

We already know multiple details regarding the Galaxy Note 4 specs, features and release date, but Samsung might not be revealing everything regarding the upcoming smart devices. It seems that there is a couple of surprises left on the software part.

According to various leaks, it seems that Samsung’s next flagship might contain a fingerprint scanner and fingerprint authentication features. In this respect, the device will reveal multiple Galaxy 5S functionalities and options, as well as a handful of new features.

The Note 4 device is reported to include features such as Screen Lock, Private Mode, Samsung Account verification, and PayPal payments, and each and every one of them will be achieved through the fingerprint scanner. All these features, along with those present on the Galaxy S5 and Alpha are made possible by the Synaptics Natural ID swipe-based fingerprint sensor found in the last two devices.

Among other features, users will also be able to notice the Fingerprint Shortcuts, which will allow them to assign a shortcut to a specific app or setting. The shortcuts will allow users to access various apps or settings by touching the fingerprint scanner with the right finger. For instance, you can initiate a video recording by using your thumb to unlock the phone as normal.

Moreover, another new feature mentioned in the rumors seems to be pretty interesting. The Web Sign-in feature lets users match credentials to a fingerprint, so they can easily log into their compatible web services with a single finger swipe. However, we might expect to see a list of services compatible with this feature since will not represent a universal password replacement. In this way, browsing will be much easier while users will be able to enjoy their favorite purchasing or messaging services without having to enter a password each time they launch the respective system.

If we take into consideration what the Galaxy 5S and Samsung Alpha are capable of, then, the most probably is that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will give users new possibilities and options.

Besides the biometric abilities, the handset is reported to reveal a 5.7-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor, and 4 GB of RAM memory. If you ask me, the fingerprint scanner is the perfect fit for this mix. However, stay tuned for more news and details regarding Samsung’s next major flagship. In the same time, keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is being lined up for a pre-IFA 2014 unveiled on September 3.

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