HTC Desire 820 – The First Android Smartphone with 64-Bit Processor

HTC has been always a road opener, and now, the Taiwanese Smartphone maker is preparing to mark another first: the first Smartphone to feature a 64-bit processor. As rumors suggested, the incoming HTC Desire 820 will become the first smartphones to receive a 64-bit processor.

This is nothing surprising, since we all know that HTC enjoys playing the pioneer’s role. In this respect, back in 2008, the company was the first manufacturer to introduce the Android OS to the Smartphone market with the help of the HTC dream. A couple of years later, the first 1080p Smartphone display was also introduced by the Taiwanese company.

At this time, HTC decided to enlarge the list of premieres by including the HTC Desire 820 in this list. As I mentioned above, the device is expected to become the first Smartphone on the market-powered by a 64-bit processor by Qualcomm. The most probably is that we will see the Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, or maybe the quad-core SD 610.

Later after the rumors appeared on the newsfeed, Qualcomm confirmed the fact that HTC will eventually release the first Android Smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 615 Soc. In the same time, on its official Weibo account, HTC revealed a picture accompanied by the tag-line  #World’s first 8-core 64 Qualcomm phone # Yes, this is the first. As you can see, the company is more than proud of the achievement, and of a good reason. This is a big thing in the Smartphone field, where the latest devices are powered by a slower processor.

Now, regarding the Snapdragon 615, this is an 8-core 64-bit processor intended for mid-range phones, just below the Snapdragon 808/810 and above the Snapdragon 410. The most probably is that we will see a couple of similar 64-bit devices as the stars of the IFA 2014, mostly since the Android L will bring native 64-bit support to the system. As you can see, Android is creating a perfect set for smartphones manufacturers to make use of the latest processors available.

There have been a couple of Android devices compatible with 64-bit processors, using the Intel Atom CPUs. However, these devices used a special kernel that allowed them to run, without using their real power. But now, with this new possibility, we can really unlock all the 64-bit features and goodies.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Apple has been doing this for a while now, along with the introduction of the iPhone 5S and the iOS 7. The smart device is already using 64-bit processors, and the iOS 7 allows it to use the whole wide of features and functionalities. However, the 64-bit Android will let devices make use of even more RAM, for more data crunching.

All we have to do know is to wait and see other details leaked or officially released by the HTC manufacturer regarding the latest novelty regarding the 64-bit compatible for the HTC Desire 820 device.

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  1. cee says:

    The specs are out, two core cpu, 2gb of ram.

    Suddenly 64-bit with less than 4gb of ram is not a marketing ploy, funny how everything changes after 12 months.

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