Make the Difference between an Original and a Cloned Galaxy S5

Just after Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was announced during the Mobile World Congress, cloners started making replicas of this handset, hoping to make a fortune by fooling people. Only two days after it was unpacked, a handset known as Goophone S5 has appeared in China making more victims than you could imagine, just as it is happening now with No.1 S7 (Samsung’s perfect Galaxy S5 replica, as some might say), so it is essential to know how to make the difference between an original and a cloned Galaxy S5.

We are saying that as long as we are perfectly aware of the fact that many of you are planning on buying a Galaxy S5 soon, and not from a mobile provider or from Samsung. Every year, Samsung launches a new Galaxy phone that becomes extremely popular, so this is one of the biggest reasons that make so many phone manufacturers ready to create cloned Galaxy phones that look like the original ones: they are very much in demand, so they take advantage of that.

Unlike iPhones that run on Apple’s proprietary iOS software, Samsung Galaxy phones run on Google’s open Android operating system, so it is even easier for cloning manufacturers to produce fakes and harder than ever for consumers to spot the differences in time.When compared to the original, all these fake devices can be spotted by checking some of their most important specs and features. There are different materials used for their body, the display is lower resolution, the camera is inferior, the processor is slower, just as the software is less refined and misses Samsung’s special touch.

Make the Difference between an Original and a Cloned Galaxy S5:

Build Quality

When it comes to the build quality, we can tell you for sure that all cloned version feel very similar to the Galaxy S5 in the hand, with almost identical weight and dimensions. In terms of dimensions, Samsung Galaxy S5 weighs 145g and is 8.1mm thick (and probably so will its clone) and if you remember, after its official presentation, HTC claimed that Galaxy S5 owners will have ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ and even Nokia made fun of its plastic body.

However, Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t have a cheap feel, while most of the cloned models from the market are built so cheaply that their materials reflect the reality. So, if you are not familiar with the its physical appearance, our recommendation is to borrow one from a friend and put the two devices side by side. And we have one more trick: don’t forget that Samsung logos are not smoothed out and can be felt, while rubbing it will also remove the logo.

Take a Closer Look to the Handset’s Display

There is no reason to deny that the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best on the market. Despite of the fact that it doesn’t sport the initially rumored 2k resolution, this smartphone boasts a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, offering us crisp details, bright and vibrant colors and exceptional viewing angles.

Well, something like that cannot be duplicated every day! No replica will ever have the brightness and pixel detail that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 display offers, you can be sure of that!

Check the Camera

We have talked more than once about Galaxy S5′s 16 MP camera that comes with a 0.3 second autofocus, so that’s no surprise that Samsung presents us this device as having “the fastest autofocus” from all its Galaxy models up to now. And the list gets even bigger if we take in consideration the fact that it has several other features such as LED flash, advanced ‘real-time’ High Dynamic Range and even a Selective Focus feature that gives you the possibility to focus on a specific area and blur out the background in the same time.

Well, one thing is for sure: some of these features may not be owned by the Galaxy s5 clone, so don’t hesitate to take a few pictures to see how well the camera acts. If real-time HDR or Selective Focus are missing, if you feel that something is wrong with the photos, then, you might have a cloned Galaxy S5 in your hands!

Processor and Operating System

Check the specs of your processor and operating system. The real Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 2.5GHz quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and runs on android KitKat OS, while clone’s processors are generally lower than the original.

If you find that the smartphone gets its power from a MediaTek processor and the Android operating system is still Jelly Bean, you have spotted a fake one!

Check for Samsung-specific Apps

The next step to check the authenticity of the galaxy S5 is looking for Samsung-specific apps. We want to tell you from the some fake versions may still have the Google Play Store installed, so if it’s there, you should continue with your searches. Don’t hesitate to check for those Samsung-specific apps, such as S Health, ChatOn, Samsung Wallet, Samsung Content Viewer, SideSync 3.0 – only their presence is a sign that you are not making a mistake!

Verify the App Names and Settings

We have seen more than once case when the buyer companied about the fact that the app names and settings are in Chinese. Well, we can tell you one thing: he’s definitely not the owner of a genuine Galaxy S5!

Check the Connectivity Features

Don’t hesitate to check out the micro USB port from the handset. For the original galaxy S5, Samsung uses a micro USB port v3.0 which means it has a different shape than other micro USB ports and this is exactly what you are supposed to find on your smartphone.

Fingerprint Sensor and Heart Rate Features

Check some of Samsung’s features just to make sure that you are not been fooled! If there is no fingerprint scanner on the home button or heart-rate monitor under the LED flash on the back, there you might have a problem.

And even if the heart rate is there (it seems that some replicas have it to); don’t hesitate to give it a try; just put your finger on the sensor for a few moments to look at your heart rate stats.

Typical Samsung Smart Features

Don’t hesitate to look for some typical Samsung Smart features, such as Smart Stay or other gesture controls which you can find by going into the settings section of your phone. All Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones have them, so if they are nowhere to be found, then we must admit that you have a problem!

Take a Waterproof Test

Well, if you are the owner of an original Samsung Galaxy S5, then placing it into the water should not be a problem. If it does not happen anything, then you should relax. No fake model will pass such a test given the materials that have been used!

Use the Serial Number

Even more, don’t forget that you can try taking down the serial number of the handset, which you are going to find in the battery compartment, and contact Samsung to get confirmation from them that the phone is indeed real.

We hope that our tips have been useful, but the story doesn’t ends here. Many buyers are already the owners of a Galaxy S5 and have doubts regarding its authenticity or got a very cheap deal online and have just discovered that they actually own a clone device known as No.1 S7.

Yes, this a real problem that many have reported, so that is why we have decided to present you several specific ways of discerning a fake No.1 S7 Galaxy S5 device from a real one, as you can see by yourself in the sections below:

No.1 S7 Vs. Galaxy S5

Build Quality and Design

We must admit that manufacturers of No.1 S7 have tried really hard to offer us something similar to the Galaxy S5 and the attention to details has to be appreciated. The replica feels almost similar to the Galaxy S5 in the hand, with almost identical weight and dimensions, while the chassis seems to be made of very similar materials, excepting the back panel which is more slippery than Samsung’s Galaxy S5 original one, this being the first clue that we actually have a clone in front of our eyes.

Things will get even more confusing if you decide to open up the smartphone as we see identical layouts in terms of positioning of the microSIM card slot, battery and microSD slot. But be careful; there is no water proofing on the fake model, not to mention that the USB port seems to be a USB 3.0 slot, but it feels frail as compared to the original.

Moreover, the headphone jack, the Power button and Volume rocker camera are positioned just like on Galaxy S5, but the Home button does not support a fingerprint reader (just as we have told you above, there is no way to replicate that).


The Full HD AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is unique, while No.1 S7 comes with modest 960 x 540 resolution IPS LED screen that cannot even be compared to what Samsung Galaxy S5 offers. The screen is not as bright and vibrant as the original one, but there is something that we have to admit: we were surprised to discover that it performs better than we have expected even outdoors.

So, we might have indeed decent color reproduction and viewing angles, but it has something to do with what a high-end handset such as Galaxy S5 gives us in terms of display.


While Samsung Galaxy S5 gets the power from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, this No1. S7 houses a MediaTek Quad-core MT6582, an ARM Cortex-A7 chip clocked at 1.3GHz and that’s the end of story. Even AnTuTu reveals see scores of 17,123 points for the No.1 S7 and no less than 35,144 points for Galaxy S5, so you can figure it out.

Samsung’s original handset is a real joy to use, being twice as fast as its poor replica.


On paper, things look great for No1. S7 when it comes to its 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras, but do you imagine that they compete with Galaxy S5′s 16 MP and 3.2MP cameras? Well, think again! No.1 S7 can take decent shots, but they are nothing more than that. The automatic white balance doesn’t work as it should, while the HDR function offers over-exposed shots.

At the same time, Galaxy S5 gives you the possibility to use different Photo Effects, to enjoy the HDR Mode just as you’d have a high-end professional camera equipment, use Selective Focus and other Scene/Extra Modes, use Effects and Samsung’s White Balance and then share your Most Recent Photos on Google+, Facebook, Gmail and more (the Ultimate Guide for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Camera offers you additional details).


Samsung Galaxy S5 features the most recent Android version known as KitKat, of course with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, while the software of No.1 is a perfect replica of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 unlock screen, home screen, phone call app, calendar and not only, but the color variations are obvious.

And we receive some sort of a vanilla Android 4.2 experience that lacks the professional touch of the original device.

Battery Life

As many of you have already discovered, Samsung Galaxy S5 has a special Ultra Power Saving Mode that can easily turn the display to black and white for minimizing the battery consumption, while the company claims its battery offers 21 hours of talk time per charge, as well as up to 390 hours of standby.

When it comes to the battery life of this No. 1 S7 handset, it is indeed presented as having the same capacity as the Samsung Galaxy S5′s 2,800mAh battery, but if offers a third of the talk time and standby time that the real deal.

After all, here we are to conclude that No.1 S7 tries to imitate the Samsung Galaxy S5, but it uses inferior components, the screen is lower resolution, the processor is half as powerful and the battery life is simply awful, so it doesn’t stand a chance. An authentic Galaxy S5 cannot be mistaken by No. 1 S7!

What do you think about fake versions of popular devices? Would you take in consideration the possibility of buying one, knowing from the start that it is nothing more than a cheap replica? Don’t forget that No.1 S7 is on sale for no more than $155 which is not at all bad for a phone that has a 5.1-inch inch, a quad-core processor and a 13 mega-pixel main camera.

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