AT&T Ready to Receive the LG G Watch R

While the LG smartphone manufacturer announced the upcoming of the LG G Watch R in Europe, starting this November, the watch is also planned to hit the Asian market and then North America, through the AT&T carrier, which is one of the most important US carriers to prepare the watch for its customers.

How Can I Get the Watch?

Since the LG G Watch R is off-contract and is regarded as a companion product, rumors state that it would be sold somewhere above the Moto 360, which is around $300, under the AT&T of course.

To make things even more interesting, the AT&T also mentioned that the LG G Watch R will be launched “soon”, meaning that a future date will be announced shortly. But we should expect the wonderful watch at the middle of November or later on.

What Is LG G Watch R?

LG G Watch R is the latest smartwatch from LG, coming with a fantastic design, the best P-OLED display, built-in quality and a long-resistant battery.

But what is interesting about the LG smartwatch, is that it doesn’t look like an ordinary watch, as it has a lot to offer, compared to other famous undergoing smartwatches on the market.

The Design, One of Its Main Attribute

The LG G Watch R is considered one of the most beautiful smartwatches built in terms of design, coming with a metal body and leather strap, elegantly combining quality with precise timing.

The P-OLED Display Provides Good Resolution

Another important characteristics of the LG G Watch R is that is offers a P-OLED display, capable of outputting a 320×320 resolution, setting it apart from the Moto 360, since it doesn’t present any black strange bars along the way.

The P-OLED also offers bright colors, great visibility, even in bright sunlight, with solid viewing angles and a mere bezel surrounding the display, which is not very visible in dark watch faces.

Performance and Battery Life

When it comes to performance, the LG G Watch R is coming with a standard processor, packing a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, with 512 MB of RAM. The watch is running smoothly, the scrolling process and the swiping through cards are carried out with no issues what`s so ever.

Concerning battery life, the LG G Watch R is fitted with a 410 mAh unit, considered to be one of the largest batteries used on an Android Wear device so far.


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