Bloatware Removal Solution Available for Motorola Droid Turbo

Motorola Droid Turbo is a high end Android powered smartphone that comes with great specs and features. Of course, its general performances are slowed down, as usual, by factory restrictions and carrier pre installed apps. All these tools are dubbed as bloatware and represent an in-built category of apps that can’t be uninstalled from your Droid Turbo.

Well, bloatware can’t be removed if you follow the classic uninstall process, as if you take the removal operation to another level, then you will be able to easily uninstall all unnecessarily software from your Android smartphone. Why to do so? Basically because in built programs are slowing down your device and consuming the battery life quite fast.

So, the result is a power up operation which will ensure improved speeds and upgraded battery life on your Motorola Droid Turbo. Thus, thanks to RootJunky developer you can now use a dedicated uninstall tool in order to remove bloatware from your phone. By using this new software you will be able to safely and easily uninstall default carrier programs and security apps through a one click removal procedure.

All you have to do is to download the tool from here, to unzip the package on your computer and to run the executable file after establishing a connection between your Droid Turbo and your computer. The software will do all the work for you – if you need help, talk to us and we will develop a proper step by step tutorial for you.

Anyway, be careful when using the bloatware removal app as you must uninstall only apps that aren’t useful for your Motorola Droid Turbo. Don’t delete start up software or other similar apps as you can end up in soft bricking your Android device. Also, root your Motorola device before using this new platform and backup your data before removing bloatware from your Droid Turbo.

As already mentioned, if you need our help, don’t hesitate and contact us by using the comments field from below.

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