High Volume Mode Released for Motorola Moto Maxx

Motorola Moto Maxx is indeed a high end device that comes with great specs and features. Unfortunately the sound experience provided by this phone is not as amazing as most of us expected. It seems that Motorola added a “safe” sound threshold which keeps the volume a little bit too low. Well, with a new app that has been recently released you can choose to spice things up by removing this threshold.

So, you will be able to raise the volume on your Motorola Moto Maxx without dealing with factory restrictions. Everything is possible thanks to those of xda-developers who have managed to bring a dedicated app that can be flashed through TWRP recovery (or via any other custom recovery image) – therefore, root access must be ensured on your Moto Maxx, or else you will not be able to apply High Volume Mode on your Android device.

The Volume level will be increased up to 90 percent so you will be provided with a clear and pure sound – there won’t be any distortions. In order to make a proper idea about the changes that will be applied, you should know that by default the Moto Maxx is set to provide only 70 percent of maximum sound volume.

Anyway, remember that root access must be ensured and that a custom recovery image is required on the flashing process. Also, the High Volume Mode app must be then set on your Moto Maxx – just follow on screen prompts for increasing the volume level on your phone.

Of course, if you can’t manage to make things work, don’t hesitate and share your problems – contact us by using the comments field from below. Our team is ready to assist you and guide you through any customization procedures that you want to apply.

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