How to Unroot HTC One M9 (Vodafone UK Variant)

If you have recently rooted your HTC One M9 (the Vodafone UK Variant) and since then you have been dealing with unexpected issues, be sure that we have a solution for you. We know that despite of all those tempting advantages, problems such as the fact that the SIM tray won’t accept your SIM, force restarts, boot loops and so on tend to appear on a limited number of devices – thus, learn how to unroot your own HTC One M9.

If yours is one of them as well, you are not supposed to accept all these bugs, if we can call them like that, but it’s time to take action. In such a case, you should think about unrooting your HTC One and getting it back to stock as this procedure removes all the modifications that you may have done on your handset, as well as the software related issues that come along with them. And don’t forget that in such a manner you will also restore the warranty of your smartphone (you know that it has been lost while gaining root access), so let’s prepare.

Before heading to the installation procedure, you have to complete some simple pre-requisites: use this guide only on the Vodafone UK variant and make no mistake of applying it on another version as long as it won’t work and you could easily damage it. In such a case, we don’t assume any responsibility!

Another important requirement as a part of your effort to back to unroot your HTC One M9 is to apply a full backup in order to save your important data (it really doesn’t matter if you are thinking of your call loges, text messages, latest apps, contacts list, songs and videos, photos and so on – you can save them all). Even more, you have to enable the USB debugging option on your handset as you will have to connect your phone with the computer and for properly establishing the connection, the USB debugging option has to be checked.

Speaking of your computer, prepare it for the procedure as well. You should deactivate the security protection that is running on the computer (this is a temporary measure, so install it back after the procedure) and one more important aspect is to check the battery status of your One M9 smartphone: if there is less than 60% power left, you should charge the battery and take no chances.

How to Unroot HTC One M9 (Vodafone UK Variant):

  1. Download the stock ROM for your HTC One M9 Vodafone UK Variant by using this direct link;
  2. You must place it on your computer;
  3. Establish a connection between the smartphone and the computer by using the original USB cable;
  4. Launch a CMD Window;
  5. Then, don’t hesitate to type in the following command into this CMD Window: “adb reboot bootloader”;
  6. Press Enter and the handset will immediately reboot into bootloader mode;
  7. Select fastboot with the help of your handset’s physical buttons;
  8. Enter the following command using CMD: „fastboot oem rebootRUU”;
  9. Then, you must enter a new command: “fastboot flash zip 0PJAIMG.ZIP”;
  10. Wait for the stock ROM to be flashed on the handset;
  11. When the procedure ends, don’t hesitate to reboot your device by entering the following command: “fastboot reboot”.

That was all! You’re unrooted now!
Have you succeeded? Do not forget that we have tons of other tips and tricks for your HTC One M9 smartphone or for Android devices in general, so head to our How to section and you won’t regret it!

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