How to Use NFC on HTC One M9

As you have seen, AndroidFlagship is here to help you get the best out from your HTC One M9. In today’s article, for example, I want to show you how easy is to use NFC on your One M9 smartphone.

This guide is a must as long as thanks to the built-in NFC feature (near field communication), you can share content to another NFC-capable mobile device in a matter of seconds.

To be more precise, feel free to bean your latest photos, contact information, videos and songs with friends and family by simply holding your HTC One M9 and the other device back to back. And don’t forget that you can even use NFC for contactless payment. The availability of NFC payment depends though on when your mobile operator launches this service, so don’t hesitate to contact it for further details on this matter.

How to Use NFC on HTC One M9:

Before you can start beaming content to another NFC-capable device, you have to enable NFC on your HTC One M9. Don’t’ worry! The procedure isn’t at all a complicated one.

How to Turn NFC On:

  1. With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar, and then enter into Settings;
  2. Under Wireless & Networks, tap More;
  3. Now, all you have to do is to tap the NFC On/Off switch to turn it on and off, as you please;
  4. Let’s move to the next step; to be more precise, you have to verify once again if both devices are unlocked and have NFC turned on. If the other handset also has an Android Beam option, make sure it is turned on as well.
  5. This is what you have to do, so let’s proceed:

How to Beam Content:

  1. While viewing the content that you want to share, in the share options, tap Android Beam.
  2. Hold HTC One M9 and the other phone that you are using back to back;
  3. Verify that the NFC area (shaded part) of your HTC One M9 and the other phone’s NFC area are close to one another. You can slightly move both phones until a connection is made;
  4. After that, tap the screen;
  5. The shared content will immediately appear there ad even more, for certain items that you’ve shared (such as contact information), additional details on how to save the item will be displayed on the receiving device.

Do you also want to read an NFC tag? It’s easy, so turn on NFC before starting to use this function and then follow these steps:

How to Read an NFC Tag:

  1. Hold your HTC One M9 close to the required NFC tag;
  2. The action your handset will perform is displayed;
  3. Follow the instructions on the display to confirm the action.

Have you been successful? Do not forget to check out the other guides that you can find here (in the How to section) for your HTC One M9 smartphone and learn how to understand and use all the features that your device is offering.


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