LastPass – The Android Password Manager App that Locks your Passwords and Personal Info

Here I am talking about one of my favorite Android apps known as LastPass. This is a password manager app that has always had something special and managed to be a step above the others.

A recent update has made mobile use completely free with a premium subscription service charged for syncing from mobile to desktop and back, so why not taking advantage of that? Since you probably log into everything on your mobile devices now, having Android LastPass is a good idea. Why am I saying that?

Well, the Android app can save passwords and keep them save all while auto-filling passwords for sites and apps that you use regularly. There is also a password generator that generates hard-to-hack passwords just for you and the app can even create online shopping profiles, track personal information in photo & audio notes, and much, much more than that.

How to use LastPass:

  1. The app can be taken from here;
  2. Install it on your Android smartphone or tablet;
  3. LastPass has a lot to offer with its features such as Password manager, Password Autofill, Password Audits, Finger Scan Lock, Private Notes, or Emergency Access. Don’t you know what these mean? That is why you are about to find out:
  4. Password manager that lets you save and autofill personal info for all of your online accounts or login with one password instead of dozens that you tend to forget;
  5. One password is all you need to manage your accounts, so take advantage of Password Autofill as well;
  6. Once you’ve set up your master password, the app lets you import all of your saved login credentials (usernames and passwords) from Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, as well as Safari;
  7. Test the strength of your passwords using the app’s advanced auditing system known as Password Audits;
  8. Enjoy Finger Scan Lock which offers finger print lock, it secures passwords, fingerprint password activation, as well as autofill with fingerprint password fill;
  9. Private Notes lets you keep safe your credit cards and photos, attach photos to any note to lock them and even set custom voice memos that lock in the secure vault;
  10. You never know what might happen, so Emergency Access should be taken in consideration as well. Give a trusted person a way to access your vault in case of an emergency.

So, this app is flexible, easy to use, and packs in the same features that you’ve come to expect from a premium password manager and secure document storage tool. And you can even opt for the premium edition if you want to make better use of what the app has to offer.


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