The Room Three Game Available on Android through Google Play

You already know that Google Play Store has got tons of games from every category that you might enjoy: arcade, puzzle, sports, adventure, RPG, trivia and much more.

If you always like to give a try to what’s new, then I bet that you’ll like what I have to tell you: The Room, one of the most popular mobile game series ever, is back with its third iteration and I am sure that you will like it even more. Are you ready to give a try on your Android device as well?

Continuing the story from The Room Two, your unrestless search for the Null continues to Grey Holm, a mysterious mansion located on a remote island. This time is going to be even harder as you have to use all your puzzle-solving abilities to navigate a series of trials which are devised by a mysterious figure presented just as The Craftsman.

Another major advantage is that The Room Three is much larger than our previous games. I love the first two parts of the series, but the new stunning environments, each spanning various areas are like an answer of all fan’s prayers. As for the other new elements that you should about, let me just tell you that The Room Three gives you the ability to explore the world in miniature, and also for the first time in The Room series you are able to return to Grey Holm between Chapters and solve its unique puzzles which will decide your destiny and the end of your amazing experience.

This 3D puzzle game includes more than fantastic graphics, but it also has a simple user interface and an impressive soundtrack with dynamic sound effects that match the tensed atmosphere of the game, so that’s the combination for success.

The game will cost you no more than $5 for the full title, with no ads or in-app purchases. You can take it by entering here.

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