Securely Store Data with Android SplashID Safe

If you have ever found yourself saying that nobody will ever try to hack your account, so there is no need to securely store your information, then you’re making a mistake. Why are you so sure that it can never happen to you? I have been there too and trust me when I say that I regret it. Isn’t it better to be prepared for anything and do your best to prevent something like that from happening in the first place?

This is where password managers can enjoy the spotlight as they offer so much to even the most average of users, not to mention what an advantage are for those of you who have multiple sign-ins on various websites.

Let me remind you that SplashData has been a popular name in the security area for over a decade and the latest iteration of their SplashID Safe lets Android users to securely store login data, as well as other sensitive data in an encrypted record. To be more precise, with the help of this app, there is nothing stopping you from keeping safe your personal information including your usernames, passwords, bank accounts, registration codes and much, much more.

Even more, you can also save a variety of record types, from website logins to credit card or social security data, along with photo captures and file attachments, all being protected with 256-bit encryption. So, it’s just as having your personal vault or digital wallet straight on Android!

Then, you can choose to share records with other SplashID users or even with those who don’t use SplashID. As for the Web autofill feature, I am sure of the fact that it is exactly what you are looking for. To be more specific, this means that you won’t have to keep trying to copy-pasting in login details, not to mention that Web autofill saves typing in usernames, passwords and even provides the correct address from the secure data vault every time to prevent phishing.

SplashID Safe can be taken by accessing this direct link and then, simply install it onto your Android handset. And if you refer a friend to SplashID, then both of you receive a 25% discount on a SplashID Pro subscription.

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