Be More Productive with Remember The Milk

Trust me when I say that there are various Android apps that can help even the busiest people to stay organized. However, the issue is that there are thousands of such apps on Play Store and you can’t download them all and start giving them a try. Sometimes, a little help is more than welcomed and this is why I am here in the first place. So, out of thousands of such apps, I am sharing with you and other readers one that an truly boost productivity.

Your life will definitely become much easier with Remember the Milk which lets you organize your tasks by day, priority, type (work, home, as well as kids) repeats, lists, tags, and not only. To be honest, this app has been my favorite way to manage my tasks and stay on top of everything and I simply love the subtasks, drag and drop ordering, multi-edit, and quick navigation through the app.

What about your free time? If you ever find yourself in town with half an hour free, don’t hesitate to use the very same app and look up your to-dos by proximity to where you are (via GPS, of course) and check them all off your list.

Remember the Milk also offers the option to send yourself reminders by email, text message or instant messenger, Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searches as Smart Lists and even better, it integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote (which is known as being the best Android note-taking app as long as it lets you Create Notes, Enjoy Organizational Features and Note Sharing – find out more from here), and not only, so there is no surprise that the app is used by millions worldwide to be more productive.

Remember The Milk is free to download and use, but you probably already know that there is always a catch. So, let me tell you from the start the fact that if you want push notification reminders and unlimited auto-syncing, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro version for $3 per month or no more than $25 per year. The choice is all yours!

What personal tasks do you use on your Android phone? Let me know in the comments and don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the apps from the Apps section. I am sure that you will like what you can find there!

Remember The Milk can be taken from here.

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