How to Track your Expenses with Monefy – Money Manager

Where does all the money disappear by the end of the month? And it isn’t only this month, but the very same situation happens all over again for quite some time. If you feel that something strange might be happening, you just need to find a better way to track your expenses. How can you do it? No, I don’t have in mind the idea of never-ending lists that drive you mad, but a budget-tracking app on your smartphone can do wonders.

You might be interested in keeping things in order, or you might be planning to save up for an amazing summer trip – it doesn’t matter what plans you have in mind, but there are plenty of apps that can help you easily set a budget, log your expenses, and never find yourself with no budget when you expect it the least.

Monefy is such an app which functions in a very simple manner: you only have to add new records when you are buying a snack or taking a cab. The app has a very easy to use interface that makes inputting information effortless. All the work can be done right from the main screen with just a few taps and no more than one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount.

The main screen hosts various expenditure categories like clothes, eating out, food, transportation and so on. If you don’t find an appropriate category for your expenses, you can always create your own. This hasn’t happened to me up to this point as Monefy – Money Manager is very intuitive, but it’s good that you can make such changes, that you can add new categories or delete old ones whenever you want.

And besides all these, you may also add some customization features like changing currencies or dark theme. Even if the app is free of any advertisements, there are some features reserved for Pro ($2.48) users such as: password protection, Dropbox Sync, or changing icons. The Passcode protection is essential for maintaining your privacy. As for the synchronized option using your own Dropbox account, I find it as being quite useful too since Dropbox is a part of my daily life and nothing important should be left out, yet the choice of paying to get these is all yours.

Monefy – Money Manager can be downloaded from Google Play.

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