How to Make your Galaxy S7 Home Button Touch-Responsive

Many of the current manufacturers have completely gotten rid of the physical keys in order to navigate your handset or have moved to capacitive ones. Samsung also uses capacitive touch keys for the back key and recent screen button, but there is also the physical clickable home button that not all users enjoy.

The story is no different on the company’s latest Galaxy S7 smartphone. Some users who are new to this handset may feel that pressing a button is problematic and they are looking for an alternative. Are you one of them too?

Let me tell you that there is a special application known as Simple Control that you can use in order to enjoy the on-screen navigation button on your Galaxy S7 device. But what if you could turn your physical home button to a touch responsive one? Yes, can do that now by using the application easyHome for Samsung.

The easyHome app that I am telling you about can easily hijack the fingerprint reader functionality in order to act like a button press. All you have to do is to tap the home button (don’t press it), and easyHome immediately triggers a home button press. You can also touch to jump home, long touch to lock the phone, start the camera and jump to last app. That’s how simple it really is! Like that, you can easily forget all about that strange clicking noise, or about hard pressing on your home button! And you can also lock your Samsung phone with a single touch!

And I must tell you that if you choose the pro version which is available for no more than $1.69, you have even more advantages: you can wake the screen by touching the Galaxy S7 home button (as long as you’re not using fingerprint unlock) or lock it with a long-tap. However, for these to be possible, you have to set easyHome as an administrator app. And keep in mind that the app depends on an official SAMSUNG SDK, so some of its features might be limited and not all bugs can be fixed.

If you like the idea and you accept these negative aspects too, then you should give at least the free version a try. Use this link to grab it and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S7 device. Then, take your time to explore it and decide what’s best for you!

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