Fix Slow Charging Issue on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It’s just few months Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has made its big entry into the market and we can all see that it is a real success. The handset is equipped with a package of powerful technical specs that can complete any job quickly, not to mention that Samsung’s best-looking handset in all the company’s history thanks to its bold, innovative design.

Despite of the fact the S6 and S6 Edge share a similar spec sheet, the S6 Edge model looks and feels like a completely different device thanks to that, but one of the most common issued found on today’s Android devices is present here as well.

There are too many customers who have complained about the slow charging issue in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in order to believe that there are just some isolated cases. The problem is completely worthy of our attention and could be related to pushed in connectors on the device or battery, to a defective charging unit or cable, a temporary phone problem or the handset could be defective himself. Be sure that we are here with some solutions:

How to Fix Slow Charging Issue on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Check your USB cable
If you are also facing the same issue, then don’t hesitate to check your USB cable. Test it by connecting other USB with your Galaxy S6 Edge handset and if the problem is with the USB cable then you need to change it and the problem will be solved from the start; if the problem is not with the USB cable, then let’s read more:

Clean USB Port
Another common issue with the Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging via usb, so clean it with small needle or paper click; be careful not to damage anything!

System dump
System dump is a special option in Android that will show you the images of recently installed ROM. This is a great way to restore any kind of issues in your smartphone, so here’s what you should do:

  1. Head toward the dialer;
  2. Now, you must type *#9900#;
  3. A new page will be visible. Scroll down to reach the bottom;
  4. Choose ‘Low battery dump’;
  5. Turn it on and this may fix the issue.

Lose all the background applications
If there are so many apps opened in the background, they increase the charging time, so it’s time to close them. This could speed up the charging process.

Hard reset your handset
If none of the above methods work for fixing the Samsung Galaxy S6 not charging problem, then hard reset it with the help of this guide. Be careful about the preparatory steps and choose the method that suits you better: you can reset the Galaxy S6 Edge device by using internal settings or the Recovery mode. Don’t worry, both these procedures are as simple as they can be, so you can complete them even if you are a newbie!

Get Support from Samsung
If none of the above methods managed to fix the charging problem, another suggestion would be to take the smartphone and get it checked out by a Samsung technician. You are also eligible for a replacement under the warranty, so why not taking advantage of that?

Let us know how the procedure went for you!

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2 Responses

  1. Ant says:

    Does “System Dump”‘s phone dialer still work with its *#9900# keys? If so, then nothing happened when I tried it. :( Is it because this used Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge requires a SIM card for the phone service for it to work?

    I am also having a very slow battery charging with USB cable connected to two/2 different (laptop/notebook)s [Apple MacBook Pro [2013] and Lenovo Thinkpad). It went from about 15% to about 60% in about 3/three hours! iPhone 6 charges way faster (15% to 80% in about a couple hours).

  2. Tomoko Wilson says:

    I just recently upgraded my phone to the s6 edge plus from the note 4 edge phone and immediately noticed how much slower the charging time was. I had my screen display set really low, I closed all the apps, and just couldn’t figure it out. Right now, it was plugged in to the charger with the battery showing 50% charged. In the notifications screen it showed “3 hours until fully charged”!!!! I did the system dump per your site, and it immediately changed to 48 minutes until fullly charged! Thank you sooooo much!

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