How to Add a Micro-SD Card on the LG G5

The LG G5 keeps its expandable storage and I am truly glad to see that. That’s not how things always happen and after all, we have even saw Samsung — which produces SD cards — get rid of expandable storage last year in its popular Galaxy S6 model, but I am happy to see that things are different for LG’s latest smartphone.

LG has not ditched the SD slot and has brought it back for the G5 with support up to 2TB. While we are all excited of that, it doesn’t mean that all things are good. On the contrary, LG has decided against using a feature that could really enhance the storage experience – as you can guess, I am talking about Android 6.0 Marshmallow’s new Adoptable Storage.

That’s the feature that usually allows the operating system to format the SD card with in the same manner as the internal storage in the end the two working together as one. The negative aspect of that is that you can’t move files from one handset to another, and you can’t really remove the card at all without messing with things.

The LG G5 only has 32GB of internal storage, and believe or not, around 12GB is used out of the box on the AT&T, Sprint and other models by the bloatware included by the carriers. You might not ever use those apps, but that’s how things are. As a result, your brand new phone only has around 20 of GB of space available, which will fill up quick with apps, games, photos and video in no time.

So, let’s move to the next step where I remind you that your LG G5 can handle up to 2TB of storage, which is more than enough. However, the highest micro-SD available is 200GB, and some 128GB options are on sale on Amazon for very low prices most of the time.

How to Add a Micro-SD Card on LG G5:

  1. For the start, use the SIM ejection tool to eject the SIM tray;
  2. With the metal contacts facing down, you have to place the Micro SD Card into the tray;
  3. Then, simply insert the SIM tray into the phone;
  4. Once done, just make sure the camera is saving to the SD card, not internal storage. It should change this by default, but verify the camera settings to be sure.

Good luck and enjoy the LG G5 handset that you own.

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