How to Solve LG G5 Fingerprint Scanner Issues

LG G5 is one of the best smartphones released in this year so far and no one can deny it. Thanks to its features and new look, the device has won its popularity around the globe. Today, I want to tell you that I first liked the LG G5 fingerprint scanner. It’s fast, very accurate, and extremly easy to setup. Like that, LG makes it easy to protect your G5 smartphone with the new and improved built-in fingerprint sensor.

Things are supposed to be great as you practically don’t have to mess with any passwords or patterns to unlock your device. That’s how you can set it up for the first time:

  1. Go to the Lock screen and security in the Settings;
  2. Select on Fingerprint and then +Add fingerprint;
  3. Follow the instructions until 100% of your fingerprint has been scanned;
  4. You should also setup a backup password;
  5. Select Ok to Enable Fingerprint Lock;
  6. Now, to unlock your phone, simply hold your finger on the Home button.

However, things don’t always work as they should and the Fingerprint Scanner has its issues. It might stop working out of the blue, or you might be getting a lot failed attempts, but here’s what you can do in such a case:

How to Solve LG G5 LG G5 Fingerprint Scanner Issues:

  • Let me tell you from the start about the fact that there are certain cases – such as Spigen or ones – that hit the volume keys and this makes the power button and scanner not work. Make sure a case isn’t interfering cause this might be the main cause of the errors that you are experiencing;
  • Delete all fingers, and let your LG G5 relearn them;
  • Head into Settings > General Column > Fingerprints & security > Fingerprints > Enter Pin and select “Add Fingerprint”. You should add both index fingers, for an easy unlocking in either hand you might use;
  • If you have a case make sure to redo fingerprints with the case installed, so it saves and learns the fingertips at the angle you’ll be using it, with a case installed. This will ensure a good experience moving forward and should fix any outstanding fingerprint issues;
  • There have been a number of reports about some issues with the LG G5 Fingerprint Scanner, but have you ever thought about verifying that the scanner is clean? If you’re getting a lot of errors or failed attempts, check that now and you might have a surprise;
  • Typically a hard reset will fix almost any problem with any Android smartphone. This could be the key for your LG G5 too, but keep in mind that a factory data reset erases everything on the phone. Make sure everything is backed up, and then reset the LG G5 with the help of this procedure.

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