Samsung Smartphone With Wrap-Around Display May Be Avaible In 2014

After Samsung released last month the new smartphone Galaxy Round, with integrated Youm panels technology, everybody expected that the company would try to find another way to impress… According to’s editors Samsung aims to launch next year a flexible smartphone with a design capable of wrapping around the phone’s sides. Why we need a wrap-around touchscreen? The idea is pretty easy and simple: you will read your email or a news displayed on the curved touchscreen from any angle, including extreme ones. The updated Youm technology made by Samsung is similar to Japanese-based SEL prototype known from their displays.

The most interesting part is that each side of the three-sided display could operate independently, the experience being fun and efficient. For example, you can view battery life on one side of the display, arrange and navigate via folder or dates from another side, see the size of a particular attachment of your emails, scroll easier or unlock your handset.

The new wrap-around display may be available on the next Galaxy S or Galaxy Note smartphone, but these are just rumors. Maybe Samsung will choose to release a new device line to use in a different way this Youm technology. Who knows… We will see during the second half of 2014.


Samsung Wrap-Around Display Smartphone

Samsung Wrap-Around Display Smartphone

This bendable touchscreen is just the beginning of a new era in the smartphone’s universe. Samsung already announced that wants to release new bendable touchscreen devices next year and foldable displays ones in 2015 or 2016. Even LG company launched a G Flex curved display smartphone. Now, it’s just a mater of time until Apple to build a curved larger screen iPhone next year – it is already known that Apple is working on a curved screen SmartWatch.

So all companies try to find new designs and new technologies in order to grab the attention of consumers on a market that is oversaturated, this is the reality. But how many people will pay for such a technology? The question remains open.

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