Snake ’97 can be once again enjoyed as an App

Even if there are so many high graphics games available, there are still plenty of gamers who just love the retro games category. Yes, there are still classic gameplays for nostalgic Android users, as well as hard-core enthusiasts and today I want to ask you if you remember the Snake game of Nokia 1100. Well, it’s true that the concept originated in the 1976 arcade game Blockade, but its success and simple implementation lead to hundreds of versions for various platforms.

That is how Nokia is known for putting Snake on the majority of their phones making our childhood and adolescence way more beautiful! Do you miss those times too? I have a cure for your nostalgia as long as Snake ’97 can be once again enjoyed in the form of an app which comes as an homage to the classic mobile phone game programmed in 1997.

Do you remember the idea? You have to control a square on a bordered plane. As it moves forward, it leaves a trail behind, resembling a moving snake. This snake has a specific length and there is also a moving tail and a fixed number of units away from the head. You basically lose when the snake runs into the screen border, a trail, or another obstacle.

As you can imagine, this is a remake of the original Snake, so you get the dot-matrix display too and those monotone sounds that we all know. However, besides the 9 original, there are also 3 extra difficulty levels, you have 5 original along with 2 extra labyrinths and this new game has both Snake 1 and classic Snake 2.

It is as addictive as the original, so don’t you imagine that you’ll make things right from the start. But you have to keep trying on! The bad thing about the game is the ads – yes, they are here too, even if you wouldn’t see it coming in such an old school game and I don’t know if it happens or not to other users, but I have a problem. It happened more than once to end a game by entering settings by accident and the controls were a little difficult at first due to the fact that there isn’t a texture to feel for as there would be with actual buttons, but this is how things are with smartphones these days!

Trust me when I say that you will get used to it! Just grab Snake ’97 from here.

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