Destroy the Enemy Space Ships from Space Invaders

You know how things are these days: cramming many of your favorite retro gaming systems into a phone that’s not much bigger than half a pack of playing cards has never been easier than it is today. Many of the most popular consoles from our past can all be enjoyed from wherever you are in the world thanks to mobile emulators, but it isn’t the only option that you have.

You can also try on some amazing retro games that will make your nostalgia a part of the past. I am not here to make a list of essential retro games for all those nostalgic players out there, but I come with a single suggestion that it is simply impossible to refuse.

Although you might think that this came out yesterday, the truth is that Space Invaders comes from the same era as Pacman. You probably know that this is one of the most addicting games that was ever made despite of the fact that the idea behind it is very simplistic. You are a space ship who must destroy the enemy space ships as they invade your world. The aliens might look determined to take out the base and the defending gunner, but you know what your mission is!

The mechanics are straightforward as you have to slide the gunner left to right and be careful to avoid falling bombs. Even more, keep in mind that these ships fire back and as you deplete their numbers, the space invaders get faster and faster until the last remaining ship appears to move at an incredible speed. To ensure you stay alive as long as possible, try to develop some sort of a run-and-gun mentality and there is no shame either to hide behind the green walls when it’s the case.

Even more, the original “pew pew pew” sound that you are familiar with emits from the gunner whenever it’s fired. And who cares that the game cannot even be compared in terms of graphics heavy with what we have these days? I can assure you that it still looks great on a high-resolution display and this is no reason for not trying it out.

So, the limited mobility and the simple idea could easily lead to hours and hours of fun with this Space Invaders game. Grab it from here and start your adventure of reliving those special early 80s memories!

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